Spooky Films to Watch with your Pals

Scream 1

(original art by Matthew Florey Rowan)

So, it’s halloween (or halloween-ish) and your friends are all gathered around your second-hand 30″ Sanyo flatscreen. The smell of microwaved popcorn lingers in the air, quite pungent and maybe slightly burnt. Your friend David has already eaten half the bag and you hate him because you know the bottom half of that bag is just greasy, unpopped kernels (Dammit, David)

Anyways, you have your HDMI cord plugged to your laptop and a totally legal movie-streaming site pulled up. Picking the film should be easy right? Wrong. That was a rhetorical question, you fool. Of course it will take roughly 2 hours of bickering before you can agree on the perfect film and everyone will be too sleepy to watch more than one or two films even though you specifically stated in the Facebook event that it was a ‘marathon’.

Luckily I’ve prepared a handy list of film suggestions you can peruse on your hunt:

  1. Raw (2016) Dir. Julia Ducournau 


Our young, vegetarian protagonist Justine moves to veterinary school where they introduce her to partying hard and eating raw meat.

This is Ducournau’s first feature and Raw is like one of those films you watch and at some point, maybe at the beginning, maybe near the end, you feel the muscles of your face involuntarily pulling into the form of a grimace or wince. And it’s awesome.

You might want to skip if:

-you’re not cool with reading subtitles- it’s a French film

-you’re watching with your parents/grandparents/smaller sibling- again, it is a French film

2. The Monster (2016) Dir. Bryan Bertino


This film chronicles the story of a very young mother and her child, stuck in the woods, with a monster lurking. This low budget horror is extremely well-done, though can really inch towards the line of ‘melodrama’ at times, manages to remain feels-inducing.

Skip if:

-you don’t like feelings- this one is pretty sad

-you want lots of jump-scares and monsters and stuff

-you don’t want to cry in front of your friends, unless you really need to salt that popcorn

3. Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016) Dir. Mike Flanagan


Wait! I know the first Ouija was reportedly bad, but I feel like I have to defend this sequel. First, the director Mike Flanagan (did not direct the first Ouija film) has brought some really solid and unique horror films (Oculus, 2013 and Hush, 2016). Set in the 60’s, this film follows a family of scam artists in LA who perform supernatural ‘seances’ and try to up their tricks by incorporating a ouija board… which doesn’t go very well.

Skip if:

-you don’t like 60’s in LA aesthetic

-you’re looking for a good ‘ol slasher (spoiler: it’s not a slasher film)

4. Oculus (2013) Dir. Mike Flanagan


Oculus stars Karen Gillan (yes, Amy Pond from Doctor Who) and Brenton Thwaites as siblings who are determined to figure out how a mirror from their childhood home caused the death and destruction of their parents.

I already mentioned this film on my previous recommendation because, lo and behold, Ouija: Origin of Evil and Oculus are directed by my fave, Mike Flanagan. I really enjoyed the original concept of this film, which was expanded from Flanagan’s 2006 original short film of the same name (Oculus: Chapter 3- The Man with the Plan).

Skip if:

-you are impatient, it takes a bit of time to gain momentum

-you’re not into more psychological horror (this is a psychological horror)

-you get put off by obviously fake american accents

5. The Wailing (2016) Dir. Na Hong-jin


Oh boy. This might be the most bizarre one on the list (yes, more bizarre than Raw). There’s something special about South Korean cinema, a lot of the ones I’ve seen are just so well done.

The Wailing follows a small, secluded town in Korea in which a mysterious disease starts to spread. The symptoms: a rash, violent, murderous bursts of rage which leads to death. Our protagonist is a police officer, Jong-goo, put in charge of the investigation that spirals into the most eerie and horrifying conclusion.

Skip if:

-you want to sleep tonight



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