A List of Horror Films

I’ve only very recently started dabbling with the genre of horror, perhaps because I’ve been conditioned to be completely put off by the mere idea of watching one. Luckily, much like how people describe a calling or something along those lines, I saw the light. Or the super intriguing, gory darkness.

Here is a list of horror films I enjoyed (in no particular order) for anyone also dabbling in this genre:

  1. The Babadook (2014) Dir. Jennifer Kent  babadook

Kent’s directoral debut and, holy shit, it’s super awesome. This centers around a mother and her child, coming across this book– a wonderfully horrifying one at that– that sort of haunts them. The approach here is more psychological than what one typically expects and we get a wonderful performance by Essie Davis (who plays Amelia). Might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but definitely worth checking out to decide for yourself.

2. Creep (2015) Dir. Patrick Kack-Brice


This is a found footage horror film– wait don’t get turned off immediately. The found footage format, after the success of The Blair Witch Project (1999) has somehow felt a lot less genuine and a lot more gimmicky. Of course this is not true with every single one, certainly not in the case of Creep.

A videographer answers an ad online, in which a man wants to document a film for his unborn son. The way that the story unfolds and the simplicity of this film is really what makes it work. It’s definitely one that had me on the edge with how chilling it is.

3. Evil Dead (1981) Dir. Sam Raimi


Raimi’s Evil Dead has become one of the most successful cult hits– followed by sequels and remakes and TV series. The original is almost indescribable (but that would be counterintuitive with what this post is, so I will try to describe it).

It follows a somewhat cliche plot of lusty teenagers choosing to go to an isolated cabin, wherein they find the Book of the Dead and proceed to summon demonic shit. What’s really cool about this film is the use of practical effects– since at the time, there were a lot more limitations in what can be achieved post production wise they get pretty creative with the deaths by incorporating stop motion and very, very creative props. This is almost borderline absurd, but my god, this film is amazing. Something to watch with friends, if you’re looking for a sleepover film. Or just want something weird.

4. Let the Right One In (2008) Dir. Tomas Alfredson


This is a Swedish horror film, though it feels almost odd to put it in the horror genre. Though, I get the reasoning behind it with the film being quite dark at times (y’know, unavoidable with vampire films) but to me this is more of a film about love. Obviously, we’re all familiar with a far more popular vampire romance flick– but, put your Twilight books down, because this film is super sweet in a sort of messed up way.

5. Goodnight Mommy (2014) Dir. Veronika Franz, Severin Fiala


I found myself holding my breath a few times while watching this Austrian film. It contains certain elements that just give an innately creepy vibe: twins and a person with a bandaged face. The plot is of these twin brothers, Elias and Lukas with their mother after some sort of accident that required a facial surgery. She comes back with her face covered with bandages and seemingly not acting as herself which leads to the twins wondering who this person is. I think this film is very well done, I always have some skepticism with children in film but Lukas and Elias are very good and as is the overall film with the way it cleverly unfurls and at shocking the crap out of me.


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